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  • Immobilisation of the forefoot with full mobility in the ankle
  • Pressure relief in the forefoot area
  • Vacuum cushion forms perfectly to individual patient ‘s anatomy and can be adjusted to accommodate swelling and atrophy
  • Rocker sole for good pressure distribution, safe and physiological gait
  • Adaptable. 3 sizes only (saves storage space)
  • Changeable liners for hygiene and comfort
  • Easy wound inspection simplifies treatment
  • Any treatment plan possible to accomplish
  • Removable sole for better hygiene
  • Traceability by serial number simplifies logistic processes
  • Radiolucent. Saves time and gives comfort if x-ray is needed


SKU: 0003
    • Metatarsal Fractures
    • Hallux valgus/rigidus
    • Arthrodeses of the toe joints
    • Hammer toe and claw toe
    • Lapidus procedure
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